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Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Toothpick, Mar 20, 2013.

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    New acquisition!!

    A couple questions I have though: When I turn the dial to move the one turn needed or 2 needed to get a whole length of fresh band?

    Also I'd love to use it but don't feel comfortable using the band cartridge it came with. I'm assuming no one makes new band cartridges for these?


  2. It's been a while since I've seen one of those! IIRC, it's one rotation to bring an entirely new edge into play. Gillette had a version as well, called (IIRC) the Techmatic. I don't think the carts were interchangeable between them, though.

    You are correct: no one makes those cartridges any more--and apparently with good reason--that system was never known as the best-shaving thing out on the market at the time, and I'm sure that it hasn't gotten any better with age!

    Bottom line: any carts that you find will be NOS, and shave with this one at your own risk.
  3. Toothpick

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    thanks for the info!

    It took the hair off the back of my hand with ease, then again a butter knife could do that :lol:

    The band seems kind of flimsy too. I'm not surprised it didn't take off. But it is a cool concept and I'd still shave with it even if its just once, styptic at hand. It was $11 shipped, I felt like it was a good deal and had to add it to my collection.
  4. Hold on there just one minute.....Band razors are awesome. They are one of the best shaving systems out there. Not sure why they got such a bad rap and why this reputation persists, especially from those that have never used them who continue to trash them. This is not like a modern disposable and more like older DE/SE/injector razors in the sense that you cannot just hack away at your face like you would with most modern disposables.

    The band cartridge is stainless steel so it would have held up just fine. As you advance the cartridge, you should see a number on the side opening telling you where you are on the cartridge. The switch under the band advancement dial allows you to easily remove and replace the band cartridge assembly from the handle. This makes it very easy to clean the razor lather and whisker can get stuck in the assembly.

    If you check Ebay, replacement cartridges show up from time to time for a decent price.
  5. I prefer the adjustable version to the razor you have Gillette also made the Techmatic band razor, but I prefer Schick band razors

    One other thing, you cannot move the shaving edge backwards, so do not wind the cartridge past an edge number you have not used yet, or else you will lose the ability to use that edge.
  6. Toothpick

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    I was winding the cartridge unaware of the numbers on the side, i should have sought information here before i did that. it's all the way at the end and wont move anymore. I didn't plan on using the cartridge anyway. i'm going to try to find a new one.

    Is there any colector value in saving the old cartridge or just pitch it?
  7. If the razor was not used before, then there is no problem with you using the last shaving edge left on the band. There is no collector value to these old band cartridges.
  8. An interesting little thing is how schick really screwed gillette on the techmatic as you can seethe advancement dial is on the cartridge with the schick but on the gillette its on the razor itself so you can use schick cartridges on the gillette but if you try to use a gillette cartridge on a schick you'll have no way to advance the band
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    Just had a shave with one of these. I now have 4.....stuff happens...

    I used the type with an adjustable cartridge but kept it on the middle setting the whole shave. I received two from a fellow member, stupid me deleted the messages and I don't know who he is but MANY THANKS TO YOU!

    I'm rubbing a BBS face right now.

    I was on edge (ha ha) about using this razor looks cheap. It's mostly plastic and the whole "band razor" concept seems odd to me. Boy was I wrong.

    It reminds me of using a cartridge razor and i guess it probably is considered a cartridge razor. But to me it's still a single edge so i'm not violating my own principles.

    I did a 3 pass shave on about 2 1/2-3 days growth. WTG>WTG>ATG>light touch up. No nicks no weepers. all around an excellent shave and razor!

    I'll be keeping my eye open for NIB cartridges for these.
  10. You are welcome. Those two I gave you have 5 shaving edges a piece. Enjoy!
  11. Right on...
    Really nice of Themba to get Toothpick hooked up like that :thumbup1:
  12. Toothpick

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    If the remaining shaves are as good as the first I will!

    Thanks again!
  13. Toothpick,glad to hear that my initial opinion wasn't true for you--yet another case of YMMV!!:lol:

    On the other hand, perhaps it would have been better NOT to know how well that thing shaves, given the scarcity of carts for it!!
  14. Toothpick

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    very true!
  15. This is great to hear! I got one of these a while ago but it took me another week to find a replacement cart - it arrived about a week ago.

    Although seeing it all sealed up in its pack made me have second thoughts on opening it............ But I'm not a collector!

    At least that's what I tell myself.
  16. I( guess I am a trifle late, this being March 8, 2019.

    I am a confirmed SE shaver.
    I have Rolls, GEM's, Darwin, Gillette, Valets (which do not work for me) and a small assortment of new designs and some excellent DE,s including a great Eclipse Red Ring.
    The Schick Band is rated by me as one of the best razors I own.
    I am currently on Blade #5, Shave 97 and still going strong. Almost all BBS.

    I am just trying to keep this thread alive.

  17. If these band razors are so awesome, why did they get discontinued so quickly?

    Did people just not understand them at the time?

    It certainly seems like an amazing idea for a travel razor, with the reloads all built in.
  18. Theodore,
    According to what I have heard. when King Gillette started making and selling his razor and blades business was very slow. It occurred to him that selling a razor was a one time affair but selling the blades happened many hundreds of times for each razor. So he started selling his razors at very low prices. Often at a loss. But his blade sales skyrocketed him into a millionaire. Most razor/blade makers followed his wise move. And many continue that practice today.
    The Band blades were so good that Schick was losing money. He already had plenty of money making blades and the life expectancy of the Band blades was so extraordinary that it would kill the sales of all his other blades. Hence the premature death of the Band Razor and blades.
    The Band was silenced. Last post was played.
  19. Makes sense, thanks for this.

    What a shame. The market doesn’t always decide in favour of better products, unfortunately...
  20. I was in the Army when they came out. If i remember correctly they came out shortly before the Trac II. They gave decent shaves, but when the Trac II. Showed up they disappeared quickly.

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