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Schick B-1


I finally took a closer look at a tool that has been bouncing around for years in a large collection of my father’s and grandfather’s woodworking tools. Apparently its a Schick B-1 that was jammed and I assume repurposed.

I was able to unjam it, disassemble it and clean it. It now appears fully functional with five blades and tray.

Of course I want to try it out!

I also don’t want to ruin it.

Can anyone direct me to where I might find information on its operation and maintenance?

Thank you.



I hand load my repeaters. It's easy, they just slide into the slot. I don't mess with the mechanism except to keep it clean and perhaps a bit of light oil. What a great find and legacy! Who knows what they used it for, or perhaps it got "lost" in that tool box. You must be looking forward to that first shave with it!
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I second the suggestion of using modern blades. I buy the Schicks at my local Long's Drugstore which these days is a CVS. Amazon has them as well. Here is a good thread with more info.

Thank you all very much for the great info!
For actual use, I will probably hand load as Whiterook suggests.
I'd also like to find out if it's fully functional but don't want it to jam again. It definitely feels like it needs to be lubricated.
What kind of oil do you recommend?


Mineral oil will work fine. If you have any light fishing reel or gun oil those will also be fine. The mineral oil is pretty much odorless and won't contribute to your aftershave scent.
Thanks, fellas. I did get it working and shaved my neck (currently bearded).
Shave not pretty but more than made up for with nostalgia and fond memories.
I have a grandson on the way and I think it'll be his birthday present.
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