Scent vs Sillage and Longevity

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    I received a fragrance sampler for Christmas with a voucher to be redeemed for one 100ml bottle of any of the samples included.

    I did find one in particular that stood out from all the other samples but also found it had moderate sillage and poor longevity compared to others (barely even a skin scent at around 3 hours).

    Just wondering how important sillage and longevity are for you. Or, is it just about the scent?
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  1. This is a real problem for fragrance fans. I bet anyone who likes cologne can name you a fragrance that they love that just needs a little bit more longevity and silage and it would be the greatest one for them. Dunhill Edition comes to mind. I think Quorum disappears entirely too fast. Scent is a great thing, but if it doesn't function, what good is it?

    Fragrance reviewer, Lex Ellis on YouTube, says it's like being handed the keys to a classic Ferrari, only to find out it has no engine and will never drive. That said, I still wear the fragrances I love that ghost after 3 hours. You just have to reapply, spray beneath your shirt, do 6 or 7 sprays, then hope for the best. It probably performs better than you think, but it can be near heartbreaking to know it's just a few steps away from being truly great.

    My hope is that these will perform better when the weather gets a lot warmer. The cold can mute a fragrance that might otherwise carry a lot further on.
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    Most are watered down by bean-counters, or neutered by the E.U.'s oakmoss ban ... which is a shame. Buy vintage.

    You can use more and hope; as noted, Quorum ... though I had an off bottle, mine fades in moments, too.

  3. Except the crazy prices that some vintages fetch. At that point you are better off digging into the niche fragrances.
  4. I have read you can also apply vaseline or unscented lotion to your skin to trap the fragrance so it doesn't disappear as fast. You can also apply it right after you shower and it has the same effect of elongating the scent.
  5. Sometimes I think a frag is too weak or has faded when it hasn't, so I want to be careful about applying too much or wanting 'stronger' fragrances. I am not too concerned with silage; I'm certain that most of the frags I wear leave at least a bit of a scent signature wafting in my absence, and if not that's ok. Projection, for me, should be middle of the road for work or maybe just a bit stronger for nighttime. As long as my wife still says 'ooo - you smell good' when I get home from work or after our night out - I'm happy with the performance. The fragrance itself is the most important thing. The exhilarating olfactory blast from when it's first applied, and sensing it during the short term afterwards, are my numero uno concerns.
  6. There are times when I'm more than happy to wear a short-lived fragrance. Sometimes I don't want to commit to a scent for 12 hours. A morning out, a mid-day affair, I don't need a beast scent.
  7. I guess in the end, it's mostly about scent for me as well. I decided to go with the best scented sample regardless of sillage or longevity. I can always reapply if need be or go with a beast of a fragrance in the right setting.
  8. Longevity is important to me, but some fragrances just smell so good I still buy them despite their lack of longevity (looking at you, Eau Sauvage). Usually, though, if a fragrance doesn't last long, I will not get it, especially in the niche realm - I have a hard time paying a few hundred dollars for a fragrance that only lasts for a few hours.
  9. I guess some perfumers concoct a fragrance entirely out of the most volatile oils. Like citrus, for example. It's there for a minute, then just evaporates.

    Some ingredients act as fixatives. I think Oakmoss was one of the best, and when the EU restrictions were enacted, many fragrances suffered the loss of longevity. That might be why so many reformulations make the cologne different than it used to be. It really sucks.

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