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Scent strength of Baker Street


my brain goes "thonk"
Is this a strong scent that will still com through after alum block, witch hazel with aloe ,and aftershave balm?
Stirlings Baker Street is, to me, a tobacco/leather type scent with a slight sweetness to it. I've found it to last for around 3+ hours where I still notice it. I'd rate it at a medium scent strength and as long as your balm isn't too strongly scented I would expect it to be quite noticeable.


A little poofier than I prefer
I've never tried the Stroppe Shop version, but the Stirling one is very strong. In a good way.
It's strong to me as is the original by Strop Shoppe.

Cheers, Steve
Strop Shoppe Baker Street is intoxicating... in fact I just huffed my tub tonight. So good. And a great performer. Shame to see they're gone.

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