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I have suffered for years with crappy scents- I just did not know any better. All the usual suspects have been involved. In an attempt to jump start my new found love of Real EO scents I would like to pick all of your brains for a short list of must haves. Lets say 5 EDT or colognes to consider. I realize that personal preferences will be a factor but it will be a place to start Thanks, Jim
I'd recommend the following:

1. Penhaligon's English Fern
2. Taylor's No. 74 Victorian Lime
3. Roger & Gallet Eau de Gingembre
4. Crabtree & Evelyn Sandalwood
5. Woods of Windsor
6. Trumper's Eucris

1 & 2 are good warm-weather scents.
3 is a floral/soapy/spicy scent that I like for warm weather
4 works year-round, but a bit better in cooler weather.
5 & 6 are definitely cooler weather scents.

You can find fragrance descriptions and reviews at www.basenotes.net.

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