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Scent-free or lightly-scented alcohol-based splashes?

For the most part, I use and enjoy alcohol-based aftershave splashes, but I generally use a cologne or EDT after completing my shave ritual, so I prefer an aftershave that doesn't have a strong, lingering scent that clashes with my fragrance. I currently use Speick, Pitralon (Swiss), and Proraso Green, which all perform well and fade fairly quickly, but I'm wondering what other products might be out there that would meet my criteria. Any recommendations? Must be alcohol-based and minimally scented. Thanks!
Are you okay with entirely unscented?
Interesting...thanks! Have you used it?
I have an open bottle around somewhere... It's not My Thing, personally, but neither can I find fault with it.

Edit: Have not tried it but Stirling makes an unscented aftershave splash, with the option of adding light/heavy menthol, if that's up your alley.

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I like Stirling's and Chiseled Face's unscented offerings. Maol Grooming is one of my favorites so I'd try their "Nothing."


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4711 is a fleeting citrus scent. It doesn't hang around long.
Also, Pinaud Eau De Portugal hair tonic can be used as an aftershave splash. It is also citrusy, and gone in a very very short time frame.
A bit of a different approach, but get a bottle of witch hazel (I like Dickinson's). The scent is nasty but goes away immediately. It has fantastic astringent and antiseptic properties. i add essential oils (peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender) and some menthol which works nice to give some scent and cooling effects. Bonus is that it is very economical.


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There are a number of inexpensive Bay Rum aftershaves that disipate fairly quickly. Gabels Bay Rum comes to mind. Smells great going on, but it's gone in 30 minutes. Layrite No. 9 Bay Rum is a similar situation...very similar to Gabels Bay Rum scent.
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