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Scent comparison: CF Sherlock vs B&M Leviathan

For those who have tried both of these soaps, how would you describe the scents? Are they similar? The description for the Sherlock really intrigues me, but then so did Leviathan and after buying it I've not enjoyed the scent at all. I've seen the mostly rave reviews on the scent but frankly it smells like a wet cigarette butt to my nose.
I never tried Leviathan so I can't offer the comparison you desire, but I really like Sherlock. It was the second soap I ever bought and I would recommend it. To me it is like a slightly musty Fourgere it is hard to describe.
They don't smell anything alike. Sherlock is like a dirty rose-ish type thing. I get the dirt and rose with maybe leather way in the back. Leviathan is coffee and leather. Strongly coffee and leather. I love them both. Leviathan is fall where Sherlock is more winter -- to me.
Thanks everyone for your comments, it's very helpful. From what I've seen thus far a given scent can be experienced very differently by different people. Makes it challenging to pin down if you'd like something or not. But from your feedback it is likely that at the very least these are not going to be similar and that is useful. If I pull the trigger on the Sherlock I'll report back with my experience.
I love both of these scents. I don't find them too similar. Sherlock starts off smelling let wet dirt, but it evolves beautifully. I detect the rose and the sweet leather and caramel smell. I recommend the aftershave as well if you buy the soap.
I could not really like Leviathan. It is an interesting scent experience - damp leathery stale coffee...
Sherlock I really enjoy. The Burberry London reference above makes sense, as it reminds me of my dad, who used to wear that scent.
If you don't like Leviathan, that is no reason you would not like Sherlock. There could be other reasons though! :)
I get a huge dose of "clean" potting soil with a background of tobacco and leather in Sherlock, and I love it. One of my top five scents. My wife does not smell the earth smell at all, she says it smells good, but can't describe the smell. Where to my nose Leviathan is very dry coffee beans and old leather bound books, which I also love!
Sherlock is one of my favorite soap scents. I catch myself opening up the tub to sniff it everytime I walk by. I only have the Leviathan AS, and while I enjoy the scent, I prefer Sherlock by a good margin. They are nothing alike to my nose. Sherlock definitely has that strong dirt smell to it, but enough other stuff going on in the background to make that somehow enjoyable.
Thanks to all who've commented with your thoughts, very useful. Sounds like the general consensus is that the two soaps are sufficiently different that my negative Leviathan experience should not deter me from Sherlock on that basis. I like the idea of a soil / rose scent, I'm all over that. Ultimately will pick up a tub, likely during the Black Fri sales a month or so from now...
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