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Maggards razors is where I buy all of my pinning supplies, but you might be able to find brass rod at hobby lobby. Ebay also has some kits for sale.
If you only plan on doing a couple maggard is the way to go.
I restore quite a few for my personal collection so I buy in bulk
I buy washers from microfasteners size #0, you buy them in packs of 100 if you start restoring they go faster than you might think especially as you lose them on the floor :001_smile I buy 1/16" rod from texas knife supply, if you buy several feet the shipping is not bad.
My local hobby shops ( RC / planes etc) sells brass rod for a buck . I got 6 ft for $2.79 . Packs of washers for one razor is $3.00 but even if you don't use them all and plan more restos Microfasteners sells 100 for around $4.00 or so. This gives me enough to do around 25 razors for around $8.00.
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