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SC - Coconut

Wow! Just got some of this stuff through the Traditional Shaving Company here in the UK. If it performs as well as it smells it will be shaving Nirvana tomorrow morning. In fact it smells so good I just keep wanting to eat it... :)
I agree! This morning, I used up a sample that I had of Trumpers Coconut Oil Shave Cream, and I absolutely loved it. It lathered up perfectly, and the scent was great. I just kept wishing that I had some Trumpers Lime Skin Food to put on after it. After this mornings shave, I will definitely be after a tub of Trumpers Coconut Oil Shave Cream. What brand of coconut cream did you get? Post back and let us know how you like it.
Tried it this morning for the first time. I found it did not lather as well as I expected, but that may well just be a matter of finding the right water/cream ratio or my technique. It seems to require more work and does not 'explode' into lather like Prorasso or my favourite Floris Elite. The coconut scent was delicious of course (as expected), and the cream provided a very lubricating surface, even if not as thick and creamy as I expected. Also it was nice and moisturising.

On the whole a very nice cream, just a bit different to what I am used to. I also have a Saint Charles soap (Dagger) which I purchased just to qualify for the free shipping - I may well try it tomorrow....:001_smile
Your correct that it might be your technique, that's always something to check, I know I've had to work on my lathering lately. It may be though, that the cream just doesn't lather as good as others. If you enjoy coconut cream, then I suggest you try Trumpers Coconut cream. Maybe a sample or something like that. I had NO problems whatsoever getting that stuff to explode into lather.

I can't speak for Saint Charles Shave products, as I've never used them. It may turn out the cream you have will work out fine for you.
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Nikonos contacted me about this and I passed his comments on to Sue. She recommended the following that I thought would be useful to post for anyone else that has trouble and comes across this thread:

"Soak the brush in hot water. Add a dollop (or almond size) of cream to your bowl. Hold brush upside down to drain the water, when it begins to 'drip' give it one good shake of the wrist.

Then swirl the brush well into the cream until there are NO bubbles. The lather is quite slick."
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