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Saying thank you to our scuttle volunteers



We had several prototypes of our new scuttle made and have now settled on a revised design based on their feedback. There were four volunteers who played a helpful role in giving us real world feedback. We have two other prototype scuttles pictured here that we will have random.org selection the winners of. The one on the left is significantly deeper with narrow rim on top and enlarged spout for water. The one on the right has a narrower base, flaring outward toward the top as seen by the profile.

The four volunteers each have a 50/50 chance of winning. The two prototypes are somewhat different and so the first name drawn gets to choose first. The second name selected receives the other scuttle.

These are the names and the sequence the names are numbered in for the drawing, @Adjustingtolife, @emwolf, @ewk, @Davidkimberly

Random.org has chosen @emwolf first and second goes to @Davidkimberly.

Congrats and thank you to our volunteers, well done!

If you are a winner just PM The Captain with your shipping address and he will get your free scuttle on the way!

~ The Captain
Got my new Captain's Choice scuttle in the mail. I had to unwrap it just to check it out, even though it's going to someone else as a gift. It is a work of art. I'm going to send him all the free samples as well.
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