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Savile Row?

Please help! Anyone no of a web site where I can buy a Savile Row Brush? I'm having difficulties trying to find any web site that carries a Savile Row Brush. I'm very new to this whole wet shaving experience and this will be my first brush I purchased.
Savile Row is sold by QED. qed usa dot com.

Great brush, by the way. I have the SR 3118. The Savile Row Select line offers silvertip luxury at a very affordable price. Like a 20mm knot brush for about $60.

Savile Row brushes are just outstanding, I've got a little 3120 that I like so much I take it on trips with me! :biggrin:
You definitely need to call or email Charles at QED. I'm sure he has some in stock. His website may be the worst ever, but his customer service is excellent. BTW, I have a SR3122 and it is an outstanding brush.
I agree with the above. My two faves were the 3122 and 3120, and I ended up using the -20 more since the knot/loft was smaller/shorter and so a tad firmer. There wasn't a soap or cream it couldn't handle.
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I have a SR with a 28mm knot, and it is a lather monster. They are excellent brushes, good value. Recommended.

-- John Gehman
I just picked up a Select 24mm in Best from a gent here on the board. Wow--what a great brush: easily the softest best hair I've used, and that from a guy who really (and I mean really) likes his BBE, which is known to be far from scritchy.

My desire for a Saville Row is now even stronger!
I have been shaving with a QED Select Pure, in 22mm, for the last two months and it is the best soap brush I have ever owned. A little scratchy on the tips like a well used boar and still soft when compressed like a quality badger. Ordered a Savile Row 3122 on Friday. I would recommend both lines to anyone. Charles is focused on the quality of the products he offers at QED and value for his patrons.
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