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Savile Row 208 Tortoise with Pics

I had heard so many good things about the Tortoise Hogs from Savile Row that I had to indulge my Shaving Brush Obsessive Acquisition Compulsion (SBOAC) and purchase one. Just to prove that you can even be an obsessive compulsive acquirer and still practice moderation, I decided to buy the middle of the line SR208.(There is something very appealing about the idea of immoderate moderation, or is it moderate immoderation?)


SR 208

Anyway, I thought this lovely closeup and this group picture


SR 208 Bracketed by the Waters of Rose and Lavender

would be adequate for the particular viewer. I was wrong! Yes, you saw it first here.. I have now joined the flawed ranks of so many other posters. Argh, the humanity of it all!:ohmy: Scotto, our thin is in Santa replacement, insisted that I do more! A comparison, a reference work.. Okay Scotto! Here it is.


The Lineup
From Left to Right:
  • Edw. Jagger for Crabtree and Evelyn Best Approx Retail 35.
  • Savile Row (New) 208 Super Approx Retail 58.
  • Edw. Jagger for Crabtree and Evelyn Super Approx Retail 85.
  • Vulfix Old Original #41 Approx Retail 130.
A spread of $95. The Tortoise looks as though it is poised to win the value race for sure.

With that in mind, an overhead is always sexy too.


The Lineup a Bird's Eye View
Note: The Savile Row has not be used and therefore has not had the opportunity to bloom.

I must admit that I am anxious to try this handsome badger brush out in my morning routine. Alas, I have promised myself on six separate occassions that I will type in my Savile Row Silvertip review before I try any other brushes. So, in good time Scotto you will see the bloom and hear of the function and feel. I must admit the form is impressive and the price a value leader.
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I await your reviews of the 208 and QED's new Silvertips eagerly as they are potential brushes for me to purchase. I'm currently using the SMF brush daily, and my other brush is the SR211 (my first brush with a 23mm knot) which I find to be a little too soft and "floppish". Also a comparison of how these two brushes perform in relation to the SMF brush would also be appreciated. I'm basically looking for a good workhorse of a brush with stiffish bristles but soft tips, approximately 25mm knot, and preferably under $100.
Thanks and regards,
Andrew, the specs on the 208 are:

Important measurements:
• Handle height = 50mm
• Hair height = 58mm
• Overall height = 108mm
• Knot size (hair width at base) = 25mm

It is 4.3" tall. I know these things because MINE will be delivered tomorrow!!!

Congratulations Randy! Thanks for the specs. Now I'm starting to think I need a new brush. Let me know how you like it.
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