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Saved This Morning's Shave

Most nights before going to bed, I hed to the bathroom to select the shave cream and/or soap plus prep my razor for the following morning's shave. So last night I chose to use some of the TOBS lemon/lime scent. This morning put some cream in my bowl, whipped it up and prep'ed my face with some very warm water. The lather seem fine, perhaps a little dry, but I brushed it on my face and started to shave WTG. After a few passes, My EJ89 was just chattering against my face and I decided something needed to change. So I took a few swirls of some lemongrass scented shave soap and added that to the lather I had with some extra water. After a few passes, I saved my face from perhaps what could have been a horrible feeling shave. It actually turned out to be on of my better ones with an older, used blade.

So that got thinking a bit and thought I'd ask here if anyone on B&B had a shave they started out with as a bad one but you were able to save it into something that was truely remarkable.

God Bless,
What you did, David, was to make a superlather. That is mixing two products together, such as a cream and a soap. I use superlathers almost every shave because I find it slicker and with more cushion than either product alone. Of course, YMMV.