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Saved from the Trash. Literally! A #22 finds a home moments before death! [PICS]

We've all endured the goofy looks.

When you tell someone you collect razors or even just use vintage razors they look at you like you're slightly kooky.

BUT - let me tell you it's worth the kooky words to get the message out there that you are looking for these things. It pays off sometimes. Many of my collection I have acquired simply by word of mouth from people in my extended circles.

Exhibit A....

A guy gets in touch with me me because he knows through a mutual friend that I collect vintage razors. It seems while he was taking out his garbage, HE FINDS THIS ON THE GROUND BESIDE THE APARTMENT DUMPSTER. IN THE SNOW. AMONG SOME TRASH.

Sends me a pic and asks if I want it. Do I ever.

This is after a very light round of cleaning. It was in great shape to begin with.

I cannot believe even an uninformed person would just chuck this out. Can you imagine all the ones we don't save? sigh.

It's not enough to be an ignorant to throw away such a beauty. I mean, it's not enough to not know that this is a razor to just dispose of something like that. What's wrong with someone like this? I just don't get it.

Great rescue, great story!
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