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SavageSam's Entry to the Hall of Fame

What is your real name?

What are your nicknames/aliases?

Where do you live?
Seguin, Texas

What is your age (or) generation?

What are you in the real world?
retired dentist

What is your favorite shave setup?
Rockwell 6s, Proraso pre-shave cream, TOBS Sandalwood shave cream, Nivea Men Sensitive post shave balm

What are your hobbies and favorite activities?
Hunting, fishing, photography, gardening, cooking

What else should the members of B&B know about you?
After 41 years of tinkering around with all sorts of dental gadgets fixing teeth as a dentist I finally retired last year and now have time to tinker around with all sorts of shaving gadgets to fix my face, lol. Most dentists tend to be gadget loving OCD types with at least some degree of hand eye coordination (hopefully), so wet shaving is a perfect way to spend a few minutes relaxing and doing something I LIKE to do rather than something I HAVE to do. So thank you for allowing me to join this group and I hope to learn a lot from all the experienced folks here!


ATF. I use all three.
Welcome to the Hall of Fame. My grandparents lived in Seguin for close to 30yrs. Nice city. My grandfather managed to coliseum (I thinks it’s known as the events complex now) for a number of years before he passed in the mid 80’s.
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