Saponificio Varesino - What do they smell like to you?

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    When it comes to scent pyramids, there are sometimes one or two scents that really come through above the others. The SV scents seem so complex and since they are rather expensive, I'd like to know what I'm getting into before I buy it (at least to the best I can). I did buy the Manna Di Sicilia and the only thing I can smell is cedar despite that many described it as citrus. I am sure there are other things, but it primarily smells like cedar (at least to me).

    What do the SV scents primarily smell like to you?
  1. johnwick

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    They all smell a little different to me.

    A great source for samples is Shave Dash. The owner, Jim, is a true gentleman. He’s based out of the UK but his samples and shipping are very affordable. A great way to test pretty much all the SV scents risk free!
  2. SV 4.3 is one of my favorite soap bases. SV scents are pretty complex but here are my (very simple) descriptions of the ones I have...

    Felce- Bright, fresh & green with an almost ozonic background
    Opuntia- Grapefruit/citrusy
    Manna- Light rose, floral with resinous background
    70th- Light cologne
    Flying Mango (Asylum)- I get a kind of balsamic/citrus scent with lavender and something vaguely piney (sage?)

    I enjoy them all.
  3. I just recently spent a week with the 70th soap, first time using any SV product.

    To me the citrus is very forward, but not sharp; it’s slightly muddled with the general scent of fresh, overgrown garden, greens. There’s a hint of powder and a light musk. I don’t think of it as a cologne-like scent. Just a muted, organic, citrus forward, fresh scent.

    I love it by the way. It rose quickly to my top soap list. If I did not know it was an all natural vegan soap, I would swear there was tallow in there.
  4. Excellent description!
  5. Dragonsbeard

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    My absolute favorites are the Felce Aromatica and the Colonia with Dolomiti coming in 3rd but I like them all pretty much and the performance is top tier for sure.

  6. Thanks, that's better than my description. I really meant to say that 70th, to me, is a cologne like scent in the tradition of the light citrus colonia scents.
  7. You can buy there bar soaps. That's what I did to help me find the scents i liked.

    Edit - they are much cheaper than the shave soaps...maybe 5 to 6 dollars a bar when I got them.
  8. That’s a pretty good idea! Scent is pretty comparable when you did get the soap?
  9. I’m not the best at scent descriptions, but I’ve tried well over 100 soaps, and Felce is my clear favorite. For me, there’s not a close second.

    I would also rate Opuntia and Colonia in my top ten. SV is really top of the hill in scents with the Pannacrema Nuavia line right behind.
  10. I agree that SV scents are complex and hard to imagine from the scent pyramid. Dolomiti smells like an alpine landscape. I can smell cold air coming off the puck. I've also bought bar soap to test scents. I've had Stella Alpina for a few days and it doesn't smell like others said. Rather than citrus and fresh, it's herbal.
  11. Well you know I think while the perfumers at SV are most creative and making the soap smell the best of most soap you will buy. Even better fragrance than the lovely Martin de Candre. There I said it.
  12. Roy


    I buy SV for the superb performance as I find their scents confusing as to what they are! I wish they would make an unmistakably rose scent.
  13. It would be nice to have the option of some "basic" scents like lavender or almond. But it is what it is is. @johnwick, thanks for the headsup on shavedash. I just picked up Felce, Colonia, Flying Mango. SV has quickly become a reference soap as I can see a noticeable upgrade over other soaps (probably for the first time ever). I just would like to find a scent that I really loved. Manna Di Sicilia has gotten slightly sweeter after the first 2 times I used it. Still very cedary.
  14. What does SV smell like? Heaven. Other than Cosmos (not a tobacco scent fan), I truly enjoy them all. I prefer a sweeter scent. As for performance, I have figured them out and love that I can work the brush for 50-60 seconds, barely put a dent in them and yield a tone of perfect lather.

    Of course, any scent is a YMMV.
  15. Roy


    Cosmo is my favourite scent. I get a bit of coffee! I love all tried. SV was the first soap at which I said WOW when I first used it.
  16. I like a sweeter scents too...which ones do you think are on the sweeter side? I love the lather too. I get no bubbles! Its all just creamy lather and I don't have to beat it to submission. I've never seen anything like it.
  17. Felce is sweet-ish
  18. Me too. I swore off vegan soaps after some pretty bad experiences but SV 4.3 (and MdC) turned me back around. It's not just a great vegan soap, it's great shave soap period.
  19. I will reply later and smell them so as to be accurate. Off the top, I think 70th is. It is also one of my favorites.

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