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FSOT Saponificio Varesino, Feather AS-D2s, AC DX & Odds & Sods

I’m clearing out a few things to make room for a few things!

All prices are PayPal’d & shipped.
CONUS only due to shipping cost.

TRADES CONSIDERED: Simpsons Synthetic Brushes, MDC Soaps, Diagonal Slants (Already Have iKon 102 & PAA AE)

Saponificio Varesino Lot - $200
All soaps & aftershaves used 1 or 2 times

70th Anniversary Soap (4.1) & Aftershave
Manna Di Sicilia Soap (4.3) & Aftershave
Dolomiti Soap (4.0) & Aftershave
Tundra Artica Soap (4.1) & Aftershave
Opuntia Soap (4.3) & Aftershave (Small dent in tin)

Would love to sell this as a lot but will consider breaking it down if it doesn’t sell.
Please PM if interested in some but not all.

Feather AS-D2s - $169
Used approximately 10 times, cleaned with alcohol
Comes with box, blades & manual

Feather Artist Club DX Kamisori - $119
Used once, cleaned with alcohol
Comes with box, blade guard & 14 Feather ProGuard Blades

Odds & Sods - $35
(Can add on to any of my first three items for $30)

Mike’s Natural Soaps Lemongrass & Eucalyptus - Used once
Maggard MR3 Handle - Unused
Stirling Kong Synthetic Brush - Used 5-10 times, lathered with dish soap & soaked in vinegar.
RazoRock Beehive - Used 5-10 times, lathered with dish soap & soaked in vinegar.
Large Blade Bank - Unused

Opuntia set is sold!

I’ll let the remainder of the SV lot go for $150 shipping included.

Feel free to make reasonable offers if you are interested in any of the items for sale.
Dolomiti, Tundra & Manna Sold!

70th Anniversary Set - $49 shipping included

I will entertain reasonable offers on the AS-D2S
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