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Santa was good

Bottles of ink:
Asa Blue
Red Dragon
Ancient Copper

Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Black and a Clairefontaine journal.

I agree! Got most everything I asked "Santa" for...

Monteverde Nighthawk in 1.1mm
Ashton Leather single-pen sleeve
FieldNotes 3-pack
DeAtramentis Oriental Red sample
Diamine Ancient Copper sample
Diamine Blaze Orange sample

Couldn't be happier... now excuse me, while I go play with my new pen. :thumbup:
Woke up this morning to a beautiful site....


I love my wife!

Post your Christmas goodies here!
My SWMBO gifted me with a Levenger L-Tech Stealth fountain pen (Fine nib) along with a bottle of Levenger Shiraz ink. Awesome pen and excellent ink. I'll post a full review in a couple of days once things get back to normal here.! Hope you all had a great Christmas and lots of goodies!

Here's a photo (not mine) of the pen:

Finally got my B&B Essential from Frnklin Cristoff!!

Along with a bottle of Iroshizuko Shin-Kai, a bottle of Edelstein Onyx, and a boatload of samples!!! (Hint, look for a PIF someday soon).

One of the highlights was the crown mill laid stationery from my mother-in-law. I'll be up late writing lots of thank yous, for sure!


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I received this ESCO eyedropper:



Lovely pen, circa 1915. I know nothing of ESCO at all :001_unsur

Got a semi flex nib but it is so, so, so broad - I'm an EF kinda guy. Anything I can do that might help? My e's and o's have no gap :(
I haven't had a nib acquisition in a while now, since the Brown Leaf has completely consumed me.

However, Santa ended that drought by bringing me a Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Filler in the Halloween color with a medium nib. Haven't gotten around to filling it yet, but it should be fun to play with. I also received a bullet style Fisher Space Pen in Matte Black. It'll be useful for when I have to travel around airports and fill out forms.
Santa brought my daughter and I a 3 month ink drop membership. I go a HUGE journal, a Quo Vadis notebook, and a Midori Traveler notebook.
My wife (who hates my fountain pens) finally decided to go with the tide and got me a Pelikan M800 Brown Tortoise with Italic Broad nib. Should arrive in today's post. Better late than never.
I got a Lamy All Star, fine nib, which I do like, but it is more bulky but weighs less than my pilot metro. Still a great pen.
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