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Santa Maria del Fiore

Is the AS the same as the soap?
It's very close. The AS doesn't have eucalyptus oil.

EDIT: In case you weren't aware, the soap and splash are both fragranced with Tabacco Toscano, a Santa Maria Novella fragrance. It's no accident. That's how the influence, SMN, is scented. Then, of course, you can purchase Tabacco Toscano EdC from SMN.

RazoRock essentially pulls that off for a fraction of the price with these 2 products. A very good deal. I own both (SMN and SMdF). I purchased the Santa Maria Novella Crema da Barba and the Santa Maria Novella EdC. Just for comparison. I can safely say, I didn't need to spend the cash on the SMN. RazoRock's SMdF performs at least as well and has a more robust scent. I am happy with my SMN EdC purchase because it simply lasts long as an EdC should.
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Only a few shaves in but SMdF is my next 3017 victim. So far I've been blown away by the initial impressions. Slick, amazing post shave feel, and great scent. I'll reserve final judgement until I'm a month in but things are looking good.
Just got a jar of SMDF and am looking forward to trying it. Love the scent, a mild tobacco, eucalyptus, camphor. It is a nice big 250g jar that should last a while.
This past week or so I have revisited SMdF and I realize this is a great soap/croap. It always bothered me that the soap was so soft in the jar. Swirling a wet brush around just turns it to mush. So what I did was I took a 1 cup Pyrex dish and scooped out some croap and put it in the container to about 1/4 inch in depth. This gets me around 10 shaves. I seem to be using it more frequently, so it doesn't matter if it turns to mush. And it preserves the main container. Great soap...a lather monster.
I couldn't help myself and finally ordered a jar of this. As everyone knows, it comes in a great package at a great value (considering you're getting 8.5 fluid oz), smells delicious and lathers easily and abundantly.

My question is this: where would you place RR SMF on your list of soaps with respect to performance? People seemed to rave about it when it first came out, which some attributed to the Lanolin, but I just had my first shave with it and wasn't impressed with the protection or post-shave. It could be some other factor, and I will try again before I make any conclusions, but in this case I followed the same pre-shave routine and used the same razor and blade I've been having perfect shaves with for 2 weeks (Colonial General SS w/Shick Proline), only this time I had noticeably more irritation and a less comfortable post-shave. For reference, I've been using Long Rifle, Chiseled Face and Soap Commander products with this setup until now, all of which I would consider very good performers, though perhaps not in the realm of B&M, Wholly Kaw or L&L.
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