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Santa brought Peterson De Luxe

Found a tin of this in my stocking. I am not huge on aromatics, but this smells great and looking forward to trying it as my wife picked it out for me. Anyone else tried this?
I've only tried Peterson's Irish Flake, University Flake, and 3P. I'm not the biggest aro fan, so most of Peterson's lineup doesn't appeal to me.

That said, you can always try looking at tobaccoreviews.com if you want to just get a feeling about the tobacco.
Its a nice smoke, I like the smell for sure. As I mentioned I am not huge on aro's, but there is definitely nothing wrong with this one. Probably my favorite aromatic out of the small amount I have tried, but that doesnt say too much haha.
For a nice smelling lighter tobacco it's worth trying for sure, nice and smooth.
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