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Sanguine Shavette

I recently purchased a Sanguine Shavette (looks rather nice) from a company in the UK via EBay. The shavette arrived with a box of what appears to be some sort of asian blades in a pink box, but largely that is besides the point.

I plan on starting to learn how to properly use a straight soon but I'm wondering if I should use the Feather blades that have the wire guard on them as a sort of "training wheels".

Does anyone know if the Feathers will work in a Sanguine?

I'd also like to hear any stories or info from folks who have used a Sanguine before.

I have their strop and normal straight.

The strop was junk...the straight is alright, but I won't go reccomending them to anyone anytime soon.

As for their shavette, no clue...sorry. Your best bet is to find pictures of the blades and see what matches your shavette.
Dunno about the wired feathes never seen em. I have a cheap version that takes half a DE, and I just used whatever I could get from the get go (it's a zeepk to be specific and came with a 10 pack of Dorco blades). Now I gave myself a few nice nicks during the first few shaves but rarely do now. I say just go for it. You might consider using a duller blade the when you start. All in all mine gives a pretty good shave with good quality blades in it.
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