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Sandelholz Rasierseife

Greetings to the inquisitive! Today was the second of two shaves with the Mühle-Pinsel sandalwood (Haslinger?) shaving soap. Pleasant little soap, reasonable lather similar to that produced by the Meeresalge (Kelp) soap and Ringelblume (Marigold) soap, with a very light woodsy fragrance. My Geo. F. Trumper razor loaded with a Feather blade literally flew over the rich, wet lather. It produced a very close, smooth shave, comfortable without irritation. My cheeks felt somewhat moisturized by this soap. I can only assume that this is a result of the aloe, et al ingredients.
Since this is the inquisitive group, am I going to foreswear my Trumper sandalwood soap? No, but if anyone wants a nice Christmas-stocking stuffer or 4th of July rocket stuffer, this certainly is one I would be happy to see.
I would concur with the above. I have been using this soap for a few weeks now, and have really enjoyed the shaves. The scent is quite subtle. It is definately "not in your face".....if you will parden the expression. IMO it is as subtle as Kent soap.....(scentwise)....but most definately woody.

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