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Sandalwood Classic Shaving Soap

I finally tried the Classic Shaving Sandalwood Cake Soap this morning. After trying it, I wondered why the hell I waited so long. Great scent, excellent lather and felt great on the face. It lathered up so well it was amazing, it rivaled the Taylors & Trumpers creams in terms of lather.

I was reluctant to try it, but it's fantastic!
my man, I've got Classic Bay Rum soap, and it's also great. I think anything from Classic is top of the line soap. I'm thinking of shaving on the weekend with it.

Can someone post pictures of the lather they are getting with Classic shaving soap - and what the lather looks like after 5 min? For the LIFE of me, I have never been able to get lather worth a damn from classic shaving soap - even when I used bottled water. Some fellas have great results with it - so I'd love to see what it looks like!

Any tips/tricks would be appreciated as well! I really liked his Vanilla scented soap.
It can be done. For this demonstration, I'm using the SMF Shavemac Brush and Classic Shaving Lime Coconut Soap.

Sorry for the poor lighting but my bathroom is not very well suited to taking pictures. Here is the photo of my arm being lathered at time zero.

Yes there is some small air bubbles in the lather, but I can assure you that the lather is nice and moist. I also did not use a bowl to generate lather as some people do. I simply soaked my brush in hot water, shook out the excess water, and made five swirls on top of the soap cake. I then generated the lather in my palm and painted 5 strokes on my arm and started the timer. Here is what it looked like 5 minutes later.

My buddy Roux (the cat) decided to join in as he always sees Ron's buddy in his SOTD pics.:wink: Notice on the above photo that I have more lather in the palm of my hand than I did in the first pic. It's just that I closed my hand at some point during the five minutes, but if you pay close attention to my arm, you'll notice that the patterns in the lather are the same as they were at time zero. Yes, there was some drying of the lather, but nothing to significant. So Joel, I'm not so sure what you're problem with these soaps are. Maybe you have an older soap. Ray did tell me that the lime/coconut scent was from his new batch of soap. The soap that I used in these pics was purchased around 4 months ago, melted in the microwave and poured into an anchor hocking glass bowl as per Randy Taylor's instructions. Maybe different soaps lather differently. This is the only shave soap that I have ever used from Ray.
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