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Samsung Tablet Giving Me The Dreaded Not Enough Space Error

Okay gents, I think this is a fairly common happening and I am unsure if I really have a memory/storage issue or need to fix errors or whatever.

Particulars; Samsung Tab 4.0 7 inch. Android 4.4.2, 8gb internal storage, additional 32gb micro SD card added for storage. I have moved any apps that would allow it to the SD card and long ago set my preferences to send captured media files to the SD card. Just got another warning tonight that I was running low on memory.

So, I can go nuclear and get everything possible to the SD card and/or to another pc and do a hard reset and build it back from scratch. Conversely, why do it if there are some simpler tweaks to help alleviate the problem?

More details about storage and what it's telling me in the storage tab. 8.0 gb total onboard, 3.2gb minimum for OS, 3.3gb used, 255mb for cache, 860mb 'miscellaneous files', 588mb available. Where to start?
Have you tried uninstalling any unused apps? Also, you can cache data, close any running apps, removed any downloaded music playlists and just stream when you are connected to WiFi, and use Google Photos to back up pictures to the cloud. Also any videos you may have taken with your tablet will eat up tons of space so moving those to Google Photos would help as well. I'd start there and see what happens. Hope this helped a little.
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