Sampson's Soap . Any of you Gents have an opinion ?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Adam18, Dec 18, 2016.

    Jarrod at The Superior Shave really likes Sampson's All Natural Shaving Soap. I have not seen much discussion about it here on B&B. Do any of you fine gentlemen have any experience with Sampson's (NOT Simpson's) shaving soap ? If so, what are your opinions, and how does it compare to other high quality soaps in your rotation ?
  1. I use it all the time. I have both the lightly scented version that TSS sells as well as the truly unscented version from the manufacturer, and they both perform identically. The short ingredient list is quick to produce excellent lather and after-shave feel. It's a harder "soft" soap and looks like it will last forever. I've been led to believe it's similar to the unscented Martin de Candre, a tub of which is currently en route, so I'll have to do a comparison. As opposed to other soaps, both tallow and vegan, all of which sport a much longer list of fancy moisturizers, etc., the Sampsons more than holds its own.
  2. Surprising that outside of the SOTD this is pretty much the only mention of this soap. I received the unscented on Friday so I have three shaves under my belt. Seems very nice. Thought I would revive this to see if any other thoughts.
  3. I heard Shannon’s is very good. I have a tub of her black magic but it was only ok (compared to Noble otter, Declaration, etc). It’s stull a very good soap, just not as protective as I was hoping...
  4. I have the scented variety from TSS. It has a permanent spot in my rotation. The scent and performance are excellent for me. I recently used it for eight straight days while on a trip, and was very pleased with it. It lasts forever, and the short ingredient list is a plus. Definitely an underrated soap which does not get the recognition it deserves.
  5. I have the scented version of the Sampson's shaving soap. It really is a pretty good soap with a short, simple ingredient list. It has a pleasant, natural pine scent to it. Natural, not "in-your-face" or Pine-sol. I believe it is scented with essential oils. Sampson's lathers up very easily and has very solid performance all the way around. I would use it more if I didn't have SO many other shaving soaps and like to switch up often. Seeing this thread revived, I should dig out my tub of Sampson's and spin it around for a week or two?
  6. +1 on the above. Just purchased some and after a week I am impressed. Sampson makes a nice soap.
    Apologies to Mark at Simpsons but never got to try his. Recieved a sample with a brush purchase but it was coffee so I passed on to another shaver that could use it. Then I purchased one and it was not what it should have been IMO.
    Sampson was easy to work with and completely unscented. Nice lather and slick with glide.

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