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FS Sale shaving soaps and brushes!

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For sale shaving soaps and brushes.
Shipped worldwide and payment with paypal.
Write me the product you are interested in and the country you live in and we will calculate the postage cost.
Thank you badger and blade forum!

-Palmolive shaving creams all new each 2$
-Arko shaving stick each 1.50$
-Razorock The Dead sea shaving soap glass bowl 250ml fully +40% 8$
(it was taken to another container, the soap never got wet!)
-TFS Shaving soap 1 time used 12$
-Razorock the dead sea soap -/+120ml different large bowl 9$
-Soap commander endurance 2 uses 15$
(the soap never got wet!)

-Zenith 506U 50/50 Horse used once time with box 26$
-Kent BLK12S synthetic max 5-6 times used witth box 26$
2 green palmolive cream and razorock dead sea soap is different large bowl is sold!
All other products are available!
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