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FS Sale shaving soaps and brushes!

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For sale shaving soaps and brushes.
Shipped worldwide and payment with paypal.
Write me the product you are interested in and the country you live in and we will calculate the postage cost.
Thank you badger and blade forum!

-TFS 1 uses 13$
-SM 5 uses 11$
-Razorock full +45% 9$

-Zenith 506A SE 22$
Used at least 5 to 6 times. Makes an easy splay with a very strong backbone but with soft tips.
In excellent condition with her box.

-Zenith 505BC SE 20$
very good conditions with box.Very little uses.It is easy to splay and with very soft tips, it did not sting at all!

-Omega 11126 11$
With few uses, almost paved in perfect condition with its box.

-Kent BLK12S 28$
Used at max 10 times.Makes an easy splay very rich tassel with very soft edges.You can work it as much as you want on the face without irritating you.It also makes for shaving the head is a huge brush.Excellent quality of construction and materials! with its box.
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