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"Saint Sue"

  1. This Award was presented to Sue Moore on October 19, 2010. Sue passed away on November 2, 2010. She was a great friend to so many of us and she will be missed by everyone here at Badger & Blade.

We feel so very fortunate to have bestowed this Award to Sue prior to her passing and that she was aware of just how much she meant to the members of Badger & Blade. She will be sorely missed and will never be forgotten.

The Moderators at Badger and Blade are proud to present to you the fifth installment of:


"The B&B Meritorious Shaver Award"

Welcome B&B'ers to this special installment of the B&B Meritorious Shaver Award, which is being presented as an honorarium to Sue Moore of Saint Charles Shave. Sue has been a steady B&B contributor since our earliest days, and has honored us with her helpfulness, her compassion, her humor, and the laudable influence her handmade creations have had on the daily lives of so many B&B members.

As many of you know from Sue's compassionate thread Take A Deep Breath and Then Walk Into the Fire, Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2010, and has been battling with this disease ever since. Sue's posts in this thread, both personally and as conveyed through her daughter, Wendy, show the same strength, caring, and indomitable spirit that have come through in so many of her posts here over the many years she has blessed this site with her presence.

Through these same posts we have had the opportunity to get some insight as to who this special lady really is and why she means so much to all of us here at B&B. Even during B&B's earliest days, Sue's accessibility and presence on the board is what kept many of the members coming back. Sue has been quick to welcome new members and patient in answering the site's many questions about soaps, creams, aftershaves, colognes -- and life.

Sue has approached the creation and growth of Saint Charles Shave with a contagious and uplifting "people first, business second" ethic -- many of the soapmakers that service wetshaving today have been the beneficiaries of Sue's abundant helpfulness.

Of course, Sue's own products reveal her consistent desire for improvement, nose for quality fragrances, and insistence on affordability. Her willingness to customize products for B&B Group Buys, as well as for individual members, has added even more to the dedication she has given to B&B and our members.

For these and so many other day-brightening moments, we are forever grateful.

There are really few of us that can genuinely say that they have left their imprint on this site. Certainly, Sue can lay claim to that statement. She's been here since nearly the beginning (11-23-2005) and has made a significant impact on not only this forum, but on the world of wet shaving as well.

Each and every Moderator, and likely nearly every single member of B&B has some great story to share about Sue, her generosity and her impact on this wonderful wet shaving adventure. If we tried to list all of the wonderful things that we think and feel about Sue we'd likely collapse the internet.

Most importantly, we want to recognize Sue's spirit of generosity, unselfishness, and unwavering dedication to her craft. She exemplifies the best of what B&B has to offer and will always be the standard for others to follow.

She is truly the best of us.

THEREFORE, IT IS ON THIS 19th DAY OF OCTOBER, 2010, that the Moderators and Administrators at Badger & Blade proudly award the B&B Meritorious Shaver Award to Sue Moore in recognition of her distinguished service to our site, our members, and the wetshaving community. Sue's framed avatar will now hang in the Merit Award Gallery along with the previous honorees.


Honorary Inductee
"Saint Sue"


In recognition of your innumerable contributions, exemplary dedication and inspirational friendship during your years as a member at Badger & Blade. The Moderators at B&B do hereby proclaim from this day forward that the date of October 19th will forever be known as "Sue Moore Day" at Badger & Blade.

We are honored and privileged to induct Sue Moore into the B&B Merit Award Gallery.

*** As you all know, Sue is battling breast cancer. We here at B&B have established a donation page at the National Breast Cancer Foundation website. Let's do what we do best here at Badger & Blade and pull together for this very special cause to express our support for Sue. Everytime a donation is made through the donation page that we have established, Sue will receive an email that a donation was made in her honor. Please click on the hyperlink below and let's show Sue just how much she means to us here at B&B.

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It is with tears in my eyes that I read this thread.

Congratulations Sue.

Even though we have never met in person, I feel like I know you.

I am both saddened and inspired by you.

God bless.
A very fitting reward for such a great person. I may have never met you personally, but I can just feel that.

God bless you Sue, and Wendy, and all your family!
My goodness, this is just incredible.. I am crying like a baby and thinking back to all the times she has helped.. Sue, you are AWESOME and I am thrilled for you.. you are loved! and so very respected! Congratulations! :thumbup1::thumbup:
Congratulations, Sue!

You've obviously have touched many lives through this forum and are well deserving of this honor!

May the Lord bless you and keep you, and make His face shine upon you, and give you peace.
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