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Saint Charles Savory Rose soap

Gents, just wanted to give a quick review of Saint Charles Savory Rose shave soap. I received the soap in yesterday's mail. I wanted a refill for the Saint Charles Mug. I originally bought the shave mug with a puck of Bay Rum soap that did not appeal to me.

The shave soap is no different than their other soaps as far as lathering qualities. It lathered right away. I applied it to my face but was a little thin. I adjusted my technique by swirling the brush a little longer. I reapplied to my face and was greeted with a more dense lather. I used a Gillette Adjustable set at 8 and the razor glided across my face with no effort. No snagging and great lubrication. I made three passes and was treated to close shave with nicks or irritation. The soap rinsed off my face with no residue.

Now the best part of the shave was the wickedly great scent of rose. It's just like aromatherapy in a shave soap. The soap does remind me of QED Rose.

Overall it was a great shave and I think this soap is a winner. I will definately reorder this shave soap. Give it a try you will be hooked.
PICS?? :biggrin: :biggrin:

I think it would be neat to post comparison pics - pics you get with St. Charles (lather-wise) and pics I get with St. Charles.
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