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Saint Charles Bay Rum EDT

Here is a mini review of Saint Charles Bay Rum EDT. I bought this cologne on my last order from Sue. I have to preface this review that I bought St. Johns Bay Rum EDT about 18 years ago. At that time I did not like the scent. To my nose it belonged on a mature gent. Eighteen years later, I am that mature gent. Anyway on to the review.

This EDT is packaged in the same cylinder that New Spice comes in. Easy to use sprayer. I shook the cylinder and sprayed this on my chest. The cologne glistened on my chest with the oils in the liquied mix. I caution you to use only two sprays because this cologne is concentrated. Top notes remind me of christmas baking. It is sweet and spicy. The dry down does not change the personality of this EDT. The price point of this EDT is excellent.

I sprayed this on about 7:00 a.m. this morning and it is now 5:30 and I can still smell it on me. What great staying power. Unlike St. Johns that had a short lived life. I did not like the scent 18 years ago and I still don't like it. Please do not blame Sue. It is just not my type of scent. It will suit some other gents fine but not this one.

In conclusion, I am not a bay rum type of guy. I guess I never will be.

Austin said:
Eighteen years later, I am that mature gent.

Aren't we all Andrew ? :cursing:

Too bad you didn't like it, I'll have to give it a try - I like Bay Rum, a lot.

Would love a report as to how this compares to St Johns Bay Rum, by someone that wears St Johns on a regular basis. I'm the third generation of men to wear Bay Rum in my family. St Johns has been our family preference since it first arrived on the market.
Good Morning Gentlemen:

I am posting in hopes to clarify usage of my new Bay Rum EDT. It seems most, if not all are 'splashes'. While reading the descriptions and directions for use of several of the 'name brands'; "Splash all over your body", seems to be the prevailing product guide and what you "may" be used to.

I would like to urge you that this not be done with mine. It is truly EDT strength, it is NOT a Body Splash or Body Spray. To my way of thinking an EDT is not to be splashed all over yourself. I would never do that with my personal women's EDT's. I know of no EDT in my husbands supply that he needs to spash on.

A light one or two sprays are all that you need of my Bay Rum. It will last all day which is also a good value for the cost. If a Body Splash or Spray is preferred, let me know and I will make that available also.

Mine has been called Bay Rum on steroids, maybe I should call it 'XXL Bay Rum' or 'He-Man Bay Rum'. :)

I honestly do not know how it compares to others. If you have to use a LOT of the other brands, it does not compare. Fragrance wise my products are my own recipes and the name of the fragrance is sometimes the only commonality as with Bay Rum. Hope this helps clarify my EDT usage.

Thank you, Sue
Hi Roughrider,
I do have new EDTS. One will be on my website very soon. In fact I just received my labels today. Several other items will be introduced in the next few weeks. Rose is one of the items in the pipeline and that will be more of a refreshing splash type product, although I may change that plan. I just love my Savory Rose. When I make that fragrance of soap cakes, my house smells wonderful ..... almost like my husband brought me a bouquet of roses. (It could happen :) LOL
ps....guys, you all bring your wives bouquets of roses, don't you?
Why roses ???? Just becuz, that's why, 'good' chocolate is nice too. My husband can get by pretty cheap, I'm not a jewelry freak and I love Candy Corn, Peeps and Circus Peanuts..sick huh?

Hmmm, Rose EDT. I'm thinking on that one. Would you guys really wear it? Should it be a little weak or like my Savory Rose which is rich in fragrance?

Sue, I love Trumpers, T&H and Taylors Rose shave creams. I can't wait to try your savory rose shave soap but I'm not sure I would wear a Rose EDT. I think it would remind me of my grandmother. I remember my grandmother wore a cuban rose perfume.

If you produce it, I would recommend a subtle scent with another scent to offset it. Just my thoughts.
I'm with Austin.

As much as I LOVE rose-scented products. Honestly, I don't know if I would have the cojones to wear a rose Edt to work, etc.

Maybe on weekends!!:tongue_sm
Well, I am grateful that is clarified. I am happy that I wasn't drinking anything when I read the "smell like Grandma" comment. I wouldn't want to either and I'm a G I R L. Too funny!
Sue said:
Hmmm, Rose EDT. I'm thinking on that one. Would you guys really wear it? Should it be a little weak or like my Savory Rose which is rich in fragrance?

Why not both? I personally love roses. Who's going to complain and say "Eww, you smell like roses."
I wouldn't say or think that but that's my woman's nose speaking. If enough of you guys say you'd like it, I'd make it.
roughrider said:
Why not both? I personally love roses. Who's going to complain and say "Eww, you smell like roses."
I don't think it'd be so much an "Eww, you smell like roses" as it would be an "Uuuuuuuuh........... You smell like......... roses????"

I just wanted to post another opinion / review of Sue's "Bay Rum on 'roids" cologne.

I do believe it's listed as a cologne; but let me say that it's EVERY bit an Eau de Cologne in strength (if not an EdP!!)

Austin sent me his bottle (as it didn't really hit his "hot button") to try, and I have to say that I really am liking this stuff!

Yes - it is strong as all get out. For me, that's a good thing. You just have to know up-front so you don't bathe in the stuff. It's not as "sharp" as some Bay Rum scents out there (Col. Conk's A/S is a classic example). However, what little edge that it does have smooths out after dry-down and leaves behind a spicy, almost gingerbread-like scent that I really enjoy. Austin nailed it when he said it was almost like Christmas baking. It actually reminds me of mincemeat pie!

That said - it's important to understand that it's NOT a cloying, sweet or heavy smell. It's a good bay rum that's not too sharp, but has PLENTY of staying power. I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of the "New Spice" scent (no fault of Sue's, just not my thing); however, this is a GREAT scent for me. It makes me feel somewhat distinguished and, dare I say, regal... :001_wub:

Bottom line with Sue's products (aside from her excellent guarantee and service) is they are wonderful products for the money. Given what many of us spend on cream and brushes and scents (oh my); you can give her entire line a try and sample these great values for yourself.
Howard, thanks for the great review. I'm glad it worked out for you. My father wore bay rum when I was young and I so wanted to like it but alas it does not work for me.
A real Bay RUm cologne treat is Burt's Bee's. It has a lasting fragrance, but unfortunately it is no longer available. They also have an aftershave balm which does have alcohol and burns a bit. The bay rum shave soap has abrasives-crushed seeds, and does not lather well. I would use an el cheapo shave brush with it. The Michelsen Bay Rum sold at Caswell-Massey is weak, and I haven't tried St Charles bay rum. BLADERUNNER
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