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Sailor 1911 demonstrater and pelikan m205 demonstrater side by side

Can't believe in my rampage to buy pens I bought two very similar models. Sailor looks better though with gold converter. $uploadfromtaptalk1391129990921.jpg$uploadfromtaptalk1391130003706.jpg$uploadfromtaptalk1391130023825.jpg$uploadfromtaptalk1391130038670.jpg$uploadfromtaptalk1391130052763.jpg


Cheaper than ink
Wait until you fill them, then the Pelikan will shine! Nice pens, I'm assuming it's a 1911M, it seems smaller than the 1911 but I've been wrong before.

Lol. Other priorities.

So... SWMBO said no ? For now at least lol

Engieka has great prices qhen you are ready, if you register on the site (for free) you will get better prices, I get stuff from them in 3 days.. so long as it goes right through customs anyway.. shipping from japan is mighty fast
my Pilots came from them as well, but then they dropped the pilots, or someone over here finally complained about them selling over here because of price difference. either way I have had nothing but great experiences with them


Stumpy in cold weather
Wait until you fill them, then the Pelikan will shine!

I'm a big fan of Sailor pens, and would take them over a Pelikan any day, but ... for a demonstrator, I can't see the point when all you get to look at is a converter. Meh. This is where Pelikans (and Pilots!!) shine. Maybe Sailor could do a Realo demonstrator ...
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