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Safety Razors Made in 2001

Hello Everyone,
Just recently picked up my razor collecting hobby again. I'm trying to get birth razors for my father (1942), myself and my son (2001). My dad while not easy because Gillette wasn't dating in 1942, I have an injector that's in the range. My son however is a different story. Is anyone aware of a razor that was manufactured in 2001? Razor Emporium has date codes for 2001 TracII/Sensor etc at W but that is also 1976. A safety razor or injector is my preference but at this point I'm willing to settle for anything.
Well, not Gillette, or even US made, but Merkur's been making the Progress since 1955. I have no idea how you'd find out the age of any individual Progress, though.
Thanks Iancre, I was hoping a Merkur, maybe a soviet razor... not sure what all was made in 2001
2001 is a tough one. Even Gillette England has stopped making DE razors then. For 1942 you could go for a triangle slot Tech. They were made from 1938 to 1945. That is as close as it gets.
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