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Safety Razor "Wish list" Thread.

I’ll probably end up pulling the trigger on a red one as well 👍
Ordered today and should start shipping in a few weeks. They are throwing in 100 Rockwell blades and the red and blue are only $5 more than the stainless. I am not a huge fan of their blades, but I’ll take them for free!
I'm fairly happy with the razors I currently have but since I don't own a vintage a nice gillette slim if I find one in mint condition for a reasonable price and perhaps a Razorock GC just because I'm curious about it


No real burning razor desires at the moment, though I did sign up for a Wolfman WR1 so probably that and, eventually, a WR2. Won't know where they will end up in my 'Personal Pantheon of Razors' until I purchase and shave with them.

Also thinking about the Tatara Masamune Nodachi in both OC and Closed Comb.

I'm sure other new and vintage razors will come into view and stir my RAD. ;)
I wouldn’t mind finding a Z1, Z2 and Z4 date coded nickel ball end Gillette Tech in good condition. I already have a Z3 code ball end but it would be nice to have a set from a particular year.

Edit: Actually I’d love to find 2 each of the Z1, Z2 and Z4 ball end techs along with a second Z3. Have one set in nickel and maybe replate one set in gold
Found a Z1 tech on Ebay today. From the pictures it looks like it’s in decent condition and it’s a gold plated version. Hopefully it looks better in person than in the pictures. So half way to having a 1954 set of techs
Wolfman WR2 1.15 SB
Blackland Vector
H&S N075 Al
Ti Timeless .95 SB

Not all of these are going to make their way into my den, but the Wolf is a certainty.
Merkurs I still need:
  • 37c (short handle slant)
  • 39c (long handle barber pole slant)
  • 42c (classic handle safety bar)
  • 15c (open comb)
  • 25c (open comb long handle)
  • 30c (black barber pole)
  • 34g (heavy duty gold finish)
  • 43c (fat handle)
  • 44c (fat handle 3pc)
  • Vision 2000 (TTO, my grail razor)
@twhite style 3D printed burnt orange homage/upgrade of the Weck Wecprep to make single edge shaving with a hair shaper blade (Personna, Fromm, Diane…) all buck-wildin’ and stylin’

Weck Wecprep

Tatara Masamune Nodachi Open Comb

Blackland Dart

Blackland Vector Open Comb

Blackland Blackbird Brass or Stainless Open Comb 85mm handle

Timeless Stainless 0.95 OC with scalloped cap

Timeless Bronze both plates

Charcoal Goods Everyday in stainless and in brass

You know, the usual…