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Safety Razor Restoration Company

Looking for a good company to restore a couple of my Gillette safety razors. I have used Razor Emporium in the past with great success and was wondering if t here are any other companies the B&B family would recommend.
Back Roads Gold has the cheapest fees for quality work. They replated/serviced my 5 razors within a day/two..all Vintage Gillettes.

here's the review on youtube

Check out their Facebook page where they post pictures of replated/fixed razors to see the quality of work.
I’ve only had one done-by Chris at Razorplate. 100% satisfied and customer service/communication is phenomenal. Would send him any future projects.
I got several of my Razors re-plated by a member on this board who alas was kicked off the forum years ago (closecut61 I think). I will say though, he was temperamental and sometimes took a long time to respond. His work was pretty good, and in particular, I have a rhodium plated Fat Boy that is excellent. Also a gold plated Tech, a nickel plated Ranger, a silver plated old type, and a rhodium plated super speed red tip.
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