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Safety Razor Of The Week



Taking a break for a couple weeks fellows, very busy right now...​

Hello all,

Long time lurker and wet Schaver. >:)

As a special request, does anyone have an update on Ray; and Gentlemen’s Best?​
Just picked this up off ebay, any info about it would be greatly appreciated.:blink:[/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH] Blade Boy:001_huh:
This is just a guess, but given the round head and blade, it would seem like a good design for a woman to use to shave her underarms -- those surfaces being much more compound-curved than even the strangest face around here. I seem to also remember other razors for this purpose having a rounded/arc-like profile and taking proprietary blades.
That's one crazy lookin' razor! Definitely one for the "display" side of the collection, I'm guessing. Those blades are probably carbon steel and rough as crap! Nice snag for sure! Thanks for sharing.:thumbup1:
Unfortunately the links in the first post seem to be broken. I know the Henckels Wotan thread still exists but the listed link can no longer find it. Others I tried gave error messages too.
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