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Safety razor convert, now obsessed

Hi B&B folk

Recently I tried out a DE safety razor in an attempt to cure my sensitive skin problems when using cartridges and I was immediately converted

I started with an EJ DE89 short handle and quickly transitioned to a Merkur 39C slant which I am absolutely in love with as it has made shaving an enjoyable experience.

Working through my sample pack of blades from Connaught and I seem to prefer to platinum coated blades that are just shy of being the absolute sharpest

This is a photo of my kit at the moment:


I picked up the vintage mug on eBay for cheap and ot started the obsession with vintage razors... I have 3 in my possesion with another 3 in the mail - but that is a topic for another post

A little more about me I am mid-30s based in England not far from London. Massive petrolhead I post on a couple of other forums under the same username I am the fortunate/unfortunate keeper of a nearly 20 year old Maserati and more recently a lovely Alpina BMW

Look forward to getting stuck in on here
Hello and welcome to B&B, where men are men and rabbit holes are optional. You've got some nice things there.
Thanks for the welcome. I like rabbit holes totally the obsessive type... Luckily I have a very patient wife

I like the Astra SP. Not quite as sharp as a Feather, but so much more forgiving.

Be well.
I do not have the Astras but I will pick some up. Found the Derby Extra, Shark and Wilkinson Sword very unpleasant - not far off a cartridge shave

The Platinum X and Personna are my current favourites. I found the feather and Gillette Platinum a little too sharp/unforgiving - at least in my 39C. In the DE89 they were fine as it is a milder razor
If mild is driving the train, a Schick Krona is a wonder razor. Fine examples can be had in the sub 25 pound range I would think.
If mild is driving the train, a Schick Krona is a wonder razor. Fine examples can be had in the sub 25 pound range I would think.
Thanks I'll check it out. I think I prefer a slightly more aggressive closed comb razor but not with the very sharpest of blades - at least until I get my method perfected. It's all a bit like Goldie Locks and the 3 bears though right... I guess it is part of the fun and a nice distraction from lock down

I found with the DE89 I had to make several passes and touch ups but with the Merkur 39C slant I do 1 or 2 passes, need vertically no touch ups and very little irritation

The next modern razor I am considering is a Parker semi-slant. I also really want a fat handle tech - like the one my dad had when I was a very little boy, he used to take the blade out of it and let me pretend to shave, I must have been only 5 years old lol... When gillette mach 3 was released the fat handle tech was never seen again, I really hope he didn't bin it!

BTW in my vintage Gillette collection I have a late 40s USA gold plated ball end tech, a 50s English featherweight, a 50s flare tip rocket and the Holy Trinity of adjustable (which are in the post annoyingly). I will post photos of the 3x that I have tomorrow
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I think you’ll find that not many of us are “obsessed” around here. Take me for example—I’ve gone almost a week without purchasing a razor. And I could probably, right off the top of my head, tell you close to half of the razors I’ve purchased in the last year, since it’s been well under 50. And I’ve probably checked in on B&B no more than a half dozen times today. This sort of casual interest is common here. Welcome!

South Dakota Guy

Welcome to B&B! I too love Personna blades as they feel very smooth to me. Astra SP blades feel like I am shaving with a rusty tin can lid. Razor blades are very much a YMMV thing.
started the obsession with vintage razors... I have 3 in my possesion with another 3 in the mail
Been there! :crazy:

You definitely seem like a hardware kind of guy--I tend to lean that direction, too. Maybe it's a carryover from your interest in cars, or maybe you just conveniently forgot to show the 48 pucks of shaving soap you've got :laugh:

Welcome to a great place online.
Welcome to B&B.
Astra SP and GSB are two of my favourites. The 7 O'Clock Super Platinum (made in India) are also very good I hear.
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