Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by BigFoot, Sep 21, 2013.

    That's a good looking shiny set. Did it come with sunglasses to protect your eyes?
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    Congratulations Todd, you have been very busy lately. This razor is a real beauty.
  2. Awesome! Keep em coming!

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  3. Mail Call: '46-'47 Aristocrat. Should clean up pretty well. '47.jpg
  4. Looks clean now!

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  5. It's clean already!
    Perhaps you want to get it dirty first?
  6. Sellers photo but I know the buyer :D

    More info when it lands this weekend!
  7. A pitty that surface of all items is so badly hammered. Hope you can sand and polish it smooth again.

  8. It was pretty clean, but did have some soap residue & gunk. Looks even better now! I've been looking for one of these.
  9. :001_tt2::001_tt2::001_tt2:
  10. I'm just a good photographer...
  11. Well it landed a day early :) It's a hand hammer finished William B. Kerr set (triple X's over a hatchet) and included a travel brush, the canteen New Improved, a toothbrush holder, a shoehorn, and two other containers (one for soap I'm guessing and the other? It's kind of tapered like a toothpaste tube so maybe?)...
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  12. Gorgeous, Chris!!!!

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  13. Thanks, Adam!!!
  14. Beautiful doesn’t cover it Chris. Just amazing an set.
  15. Thank you, Tom!
  16. Not triple X, it’s a fasces. Is the head plated or also sterling? To be honest the collapsible shoehorn is my favourite...


  17. Good morning, Adam. Thank you for the info about the fasces! I am guessing the comb is plated brass but the cap acts like it is sterling. It passes the ice test (melts the ice way faster that a similar brass cap) but not individually hallmarked so? Tough to tell without destructive testing The cap and comb definitely exhibit some extra care in the finishing department! I think the shoehorn is very cool as well! The hand crafting involved in a set like that is inspiring to say the least!!!
  18. Just enjoying the last few pages (like I enjoy All of the pages :001_cool:)…..Just got to say WOW!!

    Thank you for the pics, and Enjoy.
  19. Found a New Deluxe by its lonesome today. Very happy! Not much plating left, but hey, everything is mechanically sound! 57g is the weight, baseplate is 15mm on the bottom. This may be my first replate candidate, not sure. I'm a bit of a purist.[​IMG]

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