Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

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  1. Here's my newly acquired tiny tech. K4 date stamp. Now I need a matching full-size handle.

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  2. Nicely done! Mind me asking what process/products you used to get these results?
  3. Pretty established routine for these: Dawn soak, boil with aluminum foil/baking soda/vinegar, Flix polish.
  5. Was following that one on the bay and was put off by description of "Name appears scratched into head" I wish I grabbed it. Congratulations, Looks GREAT !!
  6. Northstonehill

    Northstonehill Contributor

    The last couple of weeks will definitely go down as my best razor acquisition streak so far. I just doubled my miniscule "collection" with the addition of three beauties:

    1 - From Kansas City, Missouri: 1969 O4 Black Beauty Short Handle
    2 - From Brisbane, Australia: Early 1950s Brit Aristocrat #66, recently replated in Rhodium
    3 - From Marthas Vineyard, Mass: 1955 A2 Diplomat

    This morning the first one arrived at my doorstep. The Black Beauty. And it is indeed in superb condition, really impressed by the shine and the pristine black handle (what appears white in the pictures are merely shine from the photo). In terms of sheer looks, I always thought that the Super Adjustable would come in third after the Slim and Fatboy. But now I’m not so sure, it is really 60s cool looking. Can’t wait to try it out.

    Incidentally, one of the reasons I like vintages is that they have lived a life before me somewhere else in the world. These three, when they reach me will have traveled at total of 18,000 miles to reach their new home. Quite amazing to think about…
    I am over the moon with this addition. Happy days, yessir! :a5:

    Super-84_1.jpg Super-84_2.jpg Super-84_3.jpg
  7. Wow, that's a beaut!
  8. Congrats! That really is a beauty! I too wonder where my vintage gillettes have been, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy that badboy.
  9. Before picture above ^^ It will hold razors and blades eventually. Here it is after a quick rough sand job and paint job (not showroom but presentable) Trying to clean the glass gets more degradation of the decals that are dry and crumbly. I'll try to get them reproduced in vinyl if able to. Gillette Display 2 002.JPG Gillette Display 2 003.JPG Gillette Display 2 001.JPG

  10. Oooh, excellent! Another one saved from hell! Well done!
  11. Just got a nice OT #6 in good condition.

    Photos from seller.


  12. NICE looking set. Congratulations !!

  13. Beautiful! That's the only razor anyone actually needs, the rest is just fluff. :thumbsup:
  14. Hi everybody! This is my first post on B&B.

    I'm very new to wet shaving (got my Maggard Razors starter kit less than two weeks ago), and already I'm starting a collection. First up is a 1958 Gillette Super Speed. 1958 was the year my dad turned 18 and graduated from high school. Is there any shaving cream or soap that is still in production today he might have used back then?

  15. This is my second vintage razor. This is a Gillette Goodwill from somewhere around 1931--the year both of my grandfathers turned 18. Introduced during the depression, this would have been a free promotional razor, meant to encourage people to start using the new Gillette slot-type razors. I'd like to try to use it with a shaving cream or soap they might have used. Any suggestions?

  16. WoW!
    Wish I had that luck
  17. cH3x nice pair of razors you have there.............
  18. Looks like your case is coming along nicely...........
  19. That is a nice set.............
  20. Your case looks great, very nice clean up.

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