Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

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    i certainly have, but now i have more options and usually use a 4 piece open comb, or one of my Schick Repeating Razors for travel when i done have to fly. the travel tech worked fine, but i did get a bit of a cramp in my hand if i had not used it in a while. the travel tech was my first DE razor found in my late grandfathers stuff, now i also have a British one with a short aluminum handle.
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    So this is the latest and I hope the last. Who am I kidding right? New in box Star razor, set me back $50. The Star razors are as good a shave as any I have tried yet. Might be the best.

    They are on the mild side but efficient enough for me without as much concern I might have with a New or Old type taking a bit too much skin off if I get hurried or use pressure.
  2. Sweet!
  3. :lol:
  4. That is one nice razor......
  5. emwolf

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    one of the very best mild razors. I have one in regular rotation.
  6. Nice razor. :thumbsup:

    Not that long ago, those apparently new ones in the box were going for around ten bucks a pop, wish I had grabbed a bunch of them. :sad:
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    Roughly how long ago Toby? My pricing knowledge only goes back a bit more than a year and I usually wonder how the prices were before I got in.
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    +1 and then some!

  9. Got a razor in the mail today. I think it's a Gillette NEW. Not sure since it has no serial or anything else on it. The head seems in really good condition but the handle needs some cleaning. Found it on mr razor I think.
    How agressive is this compared to a r89 or r41 from muhle?
    Since the head looks so good and the handle so dirty I cant but think that they dont belong together.

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  10. Two or three years, don't know exactly, but there were quite a few, like someone found a bunch in a warehouse somewhere.
  11. English, I think they do belong together, it's just easier to clean the head.
  12. 1930-40 NEW in brown bakelite case England.JPG
  13. Thank you. Mine cleaned up quite nicely if I may say it myself.

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    Ok, thanks. Dang, I need to start looking in warehouses.
  15. Got my first Fatboy (E-4) with a case. The case isn't great, but at least it still has the spring loaded door. The fatboy's condition seemed like if they used it very little, or cleaned it really good. I am amazed, no trace of soap scum, or even a tiny hair in the plate tray.

    IMG_0694.JPG IMG_0695.JPG IMG_0696.JPG
  16. NesOne, That is a clean machine with case and instructions. Nice find......
  17. Thanks! I'm still in awe lol
  18. That's a great cleanup job! Congrats! Is that a custom engraving?
  19. Yes, Gillette offered such engraving in their marketing of the Single Ring.

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