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Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

Today I hit a honey pot
It was almost like Christmas today...

I've been waiting to pick up a bell-tip Aristocrat for quite some time. Today it came. There was a fair amount of grime in the knurling on this 1916 (D427565) model, but I think it shined up nicely.

By the wear on the inserted end of the inner barrel, it's been a well-used razor. Obviously, it's also been well taken care of as the teeth are all straight and there are no scratches anywhere, including the cap. There is the near-usual stress crack on top of the handle, but it's not that noticeable.




Found a nice antique shop and picked up 2 News (one short and one long) and a Tech Travel kit (K4) that looks to have never been used. Not too bad for $30 I think. :)
Nice... Is that the handle that the ATT comes with or is it custom.

That is the Atlas handle which is about 3" long and has a barber pole pattern. The Kronos is longer (3.5"?) and a little heavier with a knurled pattern. Just announced is a third handle option coming soon: the Colossus which will be 4" long and the heaviest of the 3. The "1" plates are safety bars in High, Regular, and Mild in terms of aggressiveness with the "2" plates corresponding to the open comb equivalents.

The Atlas handle definitely has significant heft to it even being the lightest option. It seems heavier than the Razorock Mission (brass handle) which is longer. I haven't weighed them, that's just an impression.
Hey everyone, I'm new here. I got into DE shaving recently, and this forum was a big help in picking out my tools of the trade. I'm currently alternating between a Merkur Futur, EJ DE89, and an R41 (loaded with Feathers or Personna Blues),. Proraso shave soap and cream and Proraso pre-shave cream are also in my stash. I have a nice synthetic brush, and also an IKON Bulldog handle on the way.

I gotta stop buying stuff......:biggrin1:
Picked up this sweet little Gillette at a flea market last week. Got it and an Everready 100t for $15. It was pretty gunked up and I started cleaning it today and saw that it has a Z3 date code which I think makes it a TV special and seems to be pretty rare. It's in pretty good shape and should shine up quite nicely. I'll post more pics after the overhaul.

Some great finds there, gentlemen. Congratulations to all.

I'm beginning to think my RAD is in decline, or maybe I'm just entering into a "particular" phase. I walked away from 4 razors today, 2 Red Tips (I already have 2) 1 40's SS (already have a few), and 1 aluminum Tech (I don't have one of these). One of the Red Tips was combined (mismatched) with with a toiletry kit and the owner would sell the razor separately. The dealer of the other 3 razors was asking double what I've become accostumed to paying ($20 each) so far. Having said that, I am waiting for an Old Type that I won on the Bay today (my first Ebay purchase).

Edit: owner would not sell separately.
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