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Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

talk about easy going shave should be real fun when I can put a feather on it
I don't think twice about whipping a new feather blade around in mine.
Never wanted the bakelite or whatever it is handle, but saw it in the box w/blades for $25 at a local shop not too long ago.
I honestly think it's the first I'd found in the wild and didn't try to haggle a bit (which is NOT like me).
With covid and all my wife and I have been big on trying to spend local to support the places that may be or are definitely struggling...I'm glad, it's one of my favorites and my new go to for the quick shave!
Stirling razor with the Dallas handle and both plates...really nice little travel case it comes in too View attachment 1262158
Pic of the travel case ??? Can you show some??
Finally the lot that I won for EUR 46.00 and then was shipped to Australia instead of Austria arrived today. Highlights are the Schick B2 Repeater and a fully functional Fatboy in good condition (red indication marker and nearly all numbers black) gap looks even and everything clicks and moves :c9:
View attachment 1263150
View attachment 1263154
very nice fatboy!!! I got my new Rex Ambassador yesterday. Looks alike. 👏
Stirling soap co stainless steel razor with both ST and HA base plates and the Dallas handle.

- Fayiz D.
Just took mine for its maiden voyage. Exceptionally well made but they aren't kidding when they say it's aggressive. I got the ST base plate but I may simply be too much of a wimp for this one.
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