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Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

Hi Guys,

I'd like to show off my 1st vintage razor. It's a red tipped Gillette super speed from 1956. It was so smooth that it didn't even feel like it was working. I used an Astra blade not Dorco as pictured. View attachment 1091941
Just like those Red Tips and I'm hankering for one!
Got to use one during a razor pass around a while back and loved the way they shave.

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On a lazy Sunday I got lured (yes, blame someone, thats it Peter :LMS ) into doubling my L’Essor collection.

One of the most eye pleasing razor designs I ever saw, like the Supreme a hefty, bulky, sturdy and industrial appearance. And even ‘adjustable’ as the sides are asymmetrical defined by the cap. What tipped me over the edge was that it is in awesome condition, almost NOS, and complete with an original (though very basic) Essor branded plastic case.

The razor is marked - like many other French DE razors of the period - with "CSCF", standing for "Chambre syndicale des Couteliers de France" (Union Chamber of the French Cutlers).

View attachment 1092079 View attachment 1092080 View attachment 1092078
Very nice and in super condition!

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I'm not on the hunt for anything, but if I came across a decent deal on a nice one of these...

Perhaps I should move some razors not in use to build up my PayPal account just in case.
Get one if you have the change. These are great shavers. The size and weight realy sets them apart from the other vintage Gillettes. Team up with an Big Fellow after that if possible 🤩



This inbound acquisition concludes a crazy weekend, another fascinating creature - the 1920s all stainless steel James Watts Service Razor with adjustable head. Nice full set with tags and everything, sold along with a nice vintage brush even. And no, the top cap is not missing :thumbup:

1CDE1C8F-934A-4CF3-A085-9CC28E8DC48E.png 321A4875-940F-49FB-8121-0BB90ABCDF22.png 2F390EF7-F072-470E-B73E-0ABD80C69B71.png 76950783-00CB-464B-AC94-D4018597FE89.png
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