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Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

This just arrived - in time for me to remove the soap scum and soak it in disinfectant.
As you can see by the box, it's a Gillette Tech. It's a puzzler, because I've never seen a Tech quite like it & can't determine vintage. It IS a Tech, the seller and the description call it a Tech, so it must be that.
Betcha it's an ueber-rare varient or maybe a prototype. Gots to be crazy valuable.
I'll be shaving with it in a bit.
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The other is an Old Type with wrecked handle. I've got another handle somewhere in all my stuff, so it will look a little more presentable.

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I have the same Tech in your first pic. I was able to determine it to be a Tech from around 1948. Nothing rare as far as I know :).



...Like I really needed another British Aristocrat... Still, I could not leave this great condition black leather interior case behind... Inbound :blush:



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1906 SR. The cap has sharp corners. The knob still has strong knurling too. I need to clean it up still.
It’s not my oldest, but has the potential to be incredibly nice.