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Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

The only problem is that on the way to check out the sales clerk dropped it on the carpet. It now has a crack in the tube which I don't think was there when I first looked at it. Since, with the 50% off sale it came to $4 I wasn't about to put it back or ask for a discount.
The sales clerk did what!? I might have cried...You did get a great razor at a discount though. Nice find!


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Adam, what’s up with the new avatar. That’s not James Stewart?!
This is Aaliyah. She was a great artist gone before her time. Some say if not got her death, shed be bigger than Beyonce. I believe this to be true. The sad thing is her music catalog has been held hostage for years by her Uncle, Barry Hankerson. I'm sure he has his reasons, but I dont want her to be forgotten. That is the reason for the change.

I know, its throwing everybody off. 😅