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Safety mistake on purpose

Ok, I took the first step towards shaving w/ a safety razor; the purchase. I sometimes use a straight razor with varying success but now want to get into safety razor shaving (I want to be rid of the mach 3 completly!). Having read all of the great advice I should have bought something like a Merkur HD or older Gillette with mild blades to begin my discovery. However, I never do things the easy way and stubbornly ordered a Futur :blushing:. Sadly classic shaving was out of the futur and the lavender cream I wanted so I had to order elsewhere.
I bought some merkur and derby blades to be shipped with it. Being a foolish new safety razor shaver with this "aggressive" razor, help! I want to minimize the blood loss! I literally have no safety razor experience. Any advice from veteran users will be appreciated much!
I am not a veteran user, but having started out about a month ago with the futur as my first razor I can offer you some advice from a more familiar perspective.
Firstly, you need to practice on your arm to get the angle right. I ended up opening the futur all the way upto six on my first shave because I couldn't get it to cut, I had the angle wrong and the lower lip of the head was scraping all the cream off. Once I had the angle right I kept it on six, and although the results were good, the blood flowed freely. I now keep my futur set between 3 and 4, and I have seen many veterans claim to get good results as low as 1.5.
You probably know this already, but one of the first things you should do when you get your futur is bin the blade that comes with it because it has usually been dulled through shipping.
Other than that it really is all about practice. I spent my first weeks bugging the hell out of everyone on this forum, hoping that there was some magic, secret technique that would make everything perfect, unfortunately this is not the case; nothing in wet shaving is universally applicable.
I remember being quite nervous during my first few shaves, but as long as you are careful there is nothing to worry about. All the advice that you have seen on these forums should be taken as gospel: light touch, no pressure, smooth steady strokes. The futur is billed as quite an aggressive razor, but I have not found this to be the case, once you learn how to handle it you should be fine. Incidentally, having learned with the futur, I now find it quite difficult to shave with my new HD. Also, the weight of the futur gives a great shave, for my skin at least, thus mitigating the urge to apply undue pressure during your first few sessions. I hold my razor at the very bottom to ensure maximum weight on the head, but other people like to hold it near the head to get more control, like everything else with a DE, you will find what works best for you.


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If you can manage any sort of a decent shave with a straight, I can't see you having any problem using a DE.
Thanks for the replies. I was thinking, er, more like daydreaming about the day my future arives and am guessing that I will have similar problems as I usually do shaving, the dreaded neck. Never have a problem with my face above the jaw line and I wear a goatee/mustache so I don't have to worry about that. I shave first down and then up on my face.
Now the harder stuff. I go with the grain on my neck first (for me this is shaving up). When I try to go down (against the grain) I start having problems (not getting all the hair, razor burn, small cuts). I've read about "across" the grain shaving. Maybe that is the answer, I don't know. I read about, east and west but find it all a little confusing. BTW, right now I'm using proraso with a brush, shave after a shower, and use proraso pre/post before. I don't think the prep is the problem. Any more help will be appreciated.

I'm using a Futur (heh, I think I got the last one from classicshaving.com -- I ordered mine a week ago). Make sure you're pulling the skin with your free hand to create a tighter surface. This made a huge difference for me. My hair is as tough and wiry as they come, and I'm progressively getting better and better shaves. Keep at it.
I bought my first DE a Futur back in Feb. I have actually been a wet shaver for some time and just didn't know it although it was with a M3. It took a couple of weeks to get the hang of it on settings of 1 and 2 now I use the 3 setting and get a great shave so I have no reason to try beyond that. I only had one nick that didn't stop right up and it was on a spot below my lower lip that I have even nicked once or twice with the M3. It took a couple of applications of the styptic pencil but got it stopped with out a trip to the hospital, so couldn't have been that bad. I'll get a nick ever now and then but haven't had one in awhile that wouldn’t close up with just cold water.

I upped to a Futur after about a month or so with the HD. AJS is right- the Futur is not inherently aggressive.

The one tip I'd give is to stick with it for at least 2-3 weeks, with the same type of blade before trying anything else. You'll get it just fine, but your skin needs to adjust and, most importantly, you need to learn the mechanics to getting it as close as possible, without cutting yourself.

I still, once in a while, get a cut or 2, but they heal up with the cold rinse. Just stick with it!
HeadandFaceShaver said:
I've read about "across" the grain shaving. Maybe that is the answer, I don't know. I read about, east and west but find it all a little confusing.-Brandon

I haven't read too much about the across the grain pass being the money maker, but for me this is absolutely the case. My first pass is with the grain (NS all over for me), which does OK on my cheeks but leaves a fair amount of stubble on my jawline. My 2nd pass is EW or WE, depending on what side of my face I'm on, and this pass always results in the most significant bear reduction for me. In fact, many days I could get away with just the 2 passes, if I didn't want to get that BBS shave. . .as if THAT ever happens. :tongue:

I'd be interested in knowing how many guys find that a certain pass gives them a better result than others? As I said, for me its the across the grain pass.
mrob said:
I'd be interested in knowing how many guys find that a certain pass gives them a better result than others? As I said, for me its the across the grain pass.

Most guys will tell that it's the against the grain pass if they can avoid the irritation. :biggrin:
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