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    Had some time, material and access to a Hardinge lathe today so I made a handle for another piggy. Here she is the Big Honey Boar Custom..
    epoxy setting as I type...
    Handle dimensions- 85mm long x 31mm diameter
    Sacrificial brush- Omega 10049 cuz I love my BWP (same knot)
    Had fun, took about an hour....all that's left is break in!
    IMG_20190912_164710.jpg IMG_20190912_164916.jpg IMG_20190912_171524.jpg
  1. Very very cool. That's a beautiful brush, I like the shape you went with for the handle.
    I have been considering getting some Ultem and trying to turn something from it. What is it like to work with?
  2. It's kinda brittle feeling but I was turning at about 1450 rpm and all my cuts were free hand no power assist. Very much like acrylic I suppose you could say lol!
  3. Beautiful brush. Love the shape as well.
  4. Thank you! It was fun to make and the 49r knot has become my go to on my BWP Custom even above my badgers which I will have to uproot from the Ali handles just to replace them!!
  5. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Moderator

    Lovely brush handle, looks like amber.
  6. Ditto. I'm glad you said amber because I could not come up with that name.

    That sir @sanch really is beautiful!
  7. Here Piggy... Piggy Piggy Piggy...

    Come to Daddy... I need a new shaving brush.
  8. Thank you! I was gonna call her the Big Amber Boar but it just didn't sound cool lol!!!

    Thank you very much! I like Big Honey Boar BHB just looked better lol!!

    Lol I needed one too! So I made one!!
  9. What are we’re having for dinner, I can see why you’ve got so much Pork ready to be eaten.

    I love BBQ Pork Belly.
  10. Big AmBoar. :)
  11. Rolmao!!! I like it!!

  12. I'm not really into boars except the knot on the Omega 81052 banded boar. I really love the cheap horse knot I got for the greydog handle he gave me. It's from shave forge. It was cheap and I absolutely love it. But I will say this. That boar looks perfect on that handle. You definitely made it for that knot. I don't think any other knot would look right on that handle.
  13. Yup that's pretty much spot on I've given up on the Badger brushes I currently own Custom handles or not they just don't do what a boar does...
  14. I like it. Even though I’m fond of the long handled boar brushes geared towards mug lathering I don’t have one. I need to fix that some day. How do you loke the Omega knot? Is there much scritch or is it easy on the skin?
  15. The knot has become my favorite on my other long handle brush it's why I used it on this one! I'll use it again when I pluck out the spineless badger know from my other custom Ali handle! After break-in it's so much better (soak in fridge x3 days towel dry between days) my BWP is my go to above all the badgers and my opinion you can't go wrong with the Pro 49 knots if you like boar not to skritchy not too floppy..
  16. Great work!! :a14::a14:
  17. Thank you!

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