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Sabatoir kitchen cutlery

I've recently acquired a Thiers Issard Silverwing and I am completely awed by it. I know Thiers Issard also makes kitchen cutlery under the Sabatier name (apparently other manufacturers use that name, too, but TI's line is considered the best), so I am interested to find out what opinions anyone might have about these knives and how they compare to the better known German kitchen knives. I've come across pictures of the olive wood collection and it looks fine.
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Perhaps I can best give my opinion of Sabatier by comparing it to a German brand I know well, the Wusthof. I've used German and French kitchen knives in the past and both are very good pieces of equipment. By design, they are intended to be used differently. Wusthof knives have more curve towards the tip, affording a rocking motion which chops the food as much as slices it. Sabatier knives are more triangular so cutting is achieved by pulling the knife towards the user. Additionally, the Wusthofs were heavier than the Sabatiers which assists in the chopping motion of the blade.

In sum, the Wusthof is great for processing a lot of product quickly while the Sabatier is more nimble. It is great fun to use after a few weeks with the more brutish German blade. I have a couple of each and enjoy them immensely. If I had to choose, I'd probably pick the Sabatier now that I cook for fun instead of a paycheck.

One of the these days I'll see what Japanese knives are all about too.
I know there are a bunch of different knives marketed under the Sabatoir brand. I bought one many years ago, a carbon steel model. As mentioned, they have a different shape and feel to them. I never minded the discoloration and carbon steel takes a good edge, so I like it.
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