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S T DuPont Lighter?

Hey All...

Curiosity questions: Do you own a real DuPont lighter? If so, which one(s). Pros and Cons?? Don't mention cost...looking for quality, reliability, warranty, longevity....etc. Again...real not fake nor replica. Thanks!!!

Blue or Black is what I'm looking at. Will the flame adjust enough for a cigar? This weekend I will ask some authorized dealers, but thought I'd ask here first. Anyone own the Jet/Soft Flame one??




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I have a Ligne 2. Its a good lighter, but you have to mention the upkeep of it. Propriatary fuel, and the cost of that fuel is pretty ridiculous.
I have two vintage. Both need to have an "O" ring replaced, and have been in that condition for the last two years. Amusingly, I have been using a zippo instead and really don't know if / when I will fix the Duponts.

Maybe my lack of urgency is because mine are not the "pipe" S.T Duponts, maybe because I really don't mind the zippo, maybe because having to replace a tiny "O" ring in order for them to not leak the fuel out just ticks me off. Any way you slice it, they are in a drawer unloved for the time being.
I have one and I don’t use it. I do not like having to use their proprietary refill. I prefer my two Dunhill Lighters.


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Proprietary refill.....

I’m glad I read this before buying one. Now this lighter is off the list for sure.
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