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S h a v o l o g i s t Shaving Soap Review

I hope this is the right section to post a review. If not, please move this to the appropeiate section and accept my sincere apologies.

S h a v o l o g i s t Shaving Soap

Have attached pics of his upcoming Tuscan Leather and Black Violet Shave sets along with some of his existing items and the kit i reviewed down below.

Today, I got the opportunity to use some of the products from s h a v o l o g i s t line up. The guy behind this superb brand is a hobbist based in India.

After trying the much hyped Trigodon and other mass produced Indian shaving soaps, I decided to look for artisans locally because i was not satisfied with their performance as compared to foreign based vegan artisan brands (I am from India).

So far i have tried the following foreign brands :-

Apsley (PP formula)
Floris (PP formula)

My kit contained of S h a v e l o g i s t CHAOS and Unscented Shaving soap + Liquid Ice + Chaos After Shave (Non-Alcoholic) Lotion and Black Afghano After Shave Cologne Cream + Binary Pre-Shave soap

The little grey unscented 75 grams cube is not meant to be lathered but to be used in place of a pre shave product. I have been using pre shave oils for a long time and this seems to be a nice change. A nice wet rub resulted into a slippery coating on my cheeks which looks like a nice shiny film of soap which would certainly elevate the whole shaving ritual. More on this below..

Just after delidding the sxy black tub, I got lost in the notes of this scent. My my, What a pleasurable aroma ! A pure aromatic heaven...
It is actually a homage to creed aventus. Amazingly done all around, smells excellent to my nose. Infact, a bit different from original in a nice manner.

100 Odd swirls on the hard soap without needing much water with my omega pro barber brush and it bursted into a awesome looking and cushioning low structure lather. Such Creamy&dense consistency appearing just as having whipped cream smeared all over ur face from the birthday cake. HA! This type of lather is what differs the artisans from the commercial soap companies. Full of appreciable attributes such has optimal scent strength, Slickness, post shave conditioning properties and stable,thick and softening lather. Not to forget the best glide on offer in an Indian shaving soap. The best yet. The slickness felt at par or better than the above mentioned soaps and i must say that we have a winner ! No doubt about the noteworthy protection and lubrication characteristics on offer. This man has succeeded in halting my soap imports xD One of the best shaves with my one of the favourite Pearl flexi and Wilkinson sword combo. The passion and dedication shown by the man behind the game is commendable. Right from the labels, to the packing and then to the actual quality of the product itself. The post shave feel is what amazed me the most because my skin felt moisturized and loved. Thanks to the marvelous formulation, right up there with the top shave soap bases from the highly acclaimed artisans around the globe. My face felt buttery smooth just like a babie's bum upon flicking my fingers on it. I am sure that he has only used the best quality raw materials sourced from reputed stockists and has put in the sheer amount of hard work and sweat into each handmade puck which is quite evident in the outcome of today's shave.

For the unscented variety, i can only add that it doubles the bonzer qualities of the scented soap. YES. ALMOST SHOCKING! It performs all soap duties with significant aplomb.

The BINARY CUBE'S WIZARDRY - The way the blade cut through the whiskers more easily felt unreal! It left me astounded, the wonder cube certainly does soften the whiskers and provides a soothing unbelievable cutting feeling ( i love it). Using this would give us the advantage of cleaner cut, less passes and even lesser chance of irritation. It Appears as if the use of this prior shave has contributed to overall post shave feel. All in all this is a very beneficial and supreme item which has now replaced all the other pre-shave gear in my den.

Noticed a very extraordinary sheen on both the cube's layer on my face and of the soap's lather. A+ Score for this superlative characteristic.

The Liquid Ice is what he calls his version of he menthol add on drops. Ten drops (A bit too much !!) on the brush kicked me to the ice lake of antarctica. HAHA, What an amazing add on product to any of your grooming essentials to experience a refreshment of a lifetime.

The Chaos after shave lotion is unlike any other because it has a minimum list of ingredients , yet left my skin not feeling the need of a moisturizer. So well cared for and extremely gentle with minimum bite. I can now imagine myself using more of this over the commercial lotions which are nowhere near the quality and feel of this one. Truly unique. Next, I will be trying the alcholic version of this which contains Perfumer's alcohol.

Last but not the least,

The Black afghano Aftershave cologne which has left me awe struck ! Holy moly! The smell is just off the charts. I felt like spraying a high end top dollar aftershave balm on my face. JESUS CHRIST, I have become a fan of his scents. The balm/cream itself feels better than all i have tried at an exceptionally mouth watering price. Too damn saturated ( in a positive way ). feels like your girlfriend kissed you after a year of remoteness. Wow, I feel loved.

Absolutely Incredible artwork dudeeeeee. SMASH HIT COLLECTION MY MAN !
Thank you buddy for this mighty fine BBS shave.

P.S. He is a kind,humble and a down to earth human being. I Had a wonderful time conversing with him about his products and future plans.

My message to Mr. Atul Chadha if he is reading this - Delighted by the scent and looking forward to own all the 50 scents collection you possess in your arsenal !!! Keep pushing the limits brother because you are back by my best wishes and prayers.


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Forgot to mention Pre Shave Cube ingredients.

Activated Bamboo Charcoal, Shea Butter, Kokum Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Glycerin, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloevera leaf extract, Lye.

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