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Rust on the Blade

Here's a new one for me. Used my Schick Adjustable with the blade protector last week. The blade was a Chick. When I changed it after my Saturday shave, noticed a tad of rust on the razor. Sure enough, the used blade has rusty spots on the underside of the blade. Had only used the blade for a week.

This has never happened to me before. Has anyone else run into this?
I would check to see if the previous owners hand left a blade in and it rusted and you installed a new blade in a rusty seat. If that is not the case make sure to blow any moisture away after use and stored in a dry area. I have had no issues with my Schick razors other than old razors I have bought and some of the blades seemed rusted. They did make carbon blades for injectors. Carbon steel blades were used until 1960 when Wilkinson sword blades were introduced in stainless steel with coatings. I think earlier blades were made with surgical steel which would of been alloyed with high carbon steel and special alloys to make them more rustproof.
Have some great shaves!
Um...no previous owners. I bought it new in the 1970s. Have never run into this before, even when traveling. The only explaination I can think of is moisture, but this has never happened before. Really surprised me.
I always dry my razor with a towel after use, and then shake and strongly blow on the head lengthwise several times to reduce any residual moisture. I also store the razor outside the bathroom in a dry place.

I've never had the problem that was described on any of my 80 razors. I've been a daily wet shaver since 1951. And I have the very razor that was described.

Same razor; same injector blade loader. Changed blades after I shaved Saturday, and found no rust. No significant changes to how I stored the razor during the previous week. No idea why the other blade rusted during the previous week.